Have you and your significant other ever thought about sitting down monthly to evaluate each other and your relationship?

Stacey Rose of The Rose Relationship Learning Center in Ocean Township was a guest on our show today. One of her specialties is helping marriages and relationships stay strong and solid.

And part of that, she says, is checking in monthly with your spouse and reviewing how things are going and find out what your partner needs more of in the relationship.

It's all very positive. Here's how she says to do it: You both sit down somewhere that you feel comfortable and one of you speaks first while the other one listens without interrupting.

You start out with something positive. (You don't want to go into this defensive or disrespectful). So you might start off with, for example, "Honey, I love the way you are with the kids and the amount of time you devote to playing with them...and I would really love it if you helped clean up after them, too."

I like the idea of the "I'd like more of" comments rather than something negative or nagging.

Do you think you could get through a conversation like this on a happy, bright, hopeful note?

Do you think it would help your relationship to have performance evaluation sessions with your significant other?