We've moved into our (temporary) new digs. For all intents and purposes, the "radio" stuff is all the same -- our engineers did an incredible job. Here's the thing: All the slightly different things? They are absolutely driving me nuts, because I will openly admit that it's hard for me to immediately embrace change.

My morning routine is off. I used to be able to wake up and get ready mostly after everyone else had left my house. I now have to battle over the bathroom in the morning (with a brother who I'm sure is EQUALLY annoyed with this situation) and actually TALK to people in the morning. (The horror!)

In the old studios, the computer faced the door. I could type away and check Facebook and still see when someone was coming in. Now my back faces the door. People can sneak up on me. I don't like it.

My chair is different. My voice sounds different in my headphones. And I can't sit in the position I've sat in just about everyday for the last three years.

I'm all out of sorts today, and it's making me...irritable. (Sorry, officemates, I know you've noticed.)

I'll adjust, it just takes me longer than others to like new things. I'm resistant. I'm stubborn. I'm trying to get over it.

I know that change can be good. I generally get bored easily and actually CRAVE change -- just not when it's forced on me. That turns me into this Grumpy Gus of a DJ.

Give me a couple of days and I'll probably forget all about my old routine. But today? Today, I'm cranky.

Does change throw you off? Comment below!