I think most of us walk into work on Fridays in a different mindset than the rest of the week...after this morning's turn of events, I'm DEFINITELY in GTFO Friday mode!The Point studios are up on the 4th floor of our lovely Townsquare Towers. Sure, I *could* take the stairs...but...I'm lazy.

So, like every morning, I walked into the elevator, hit 4, and let out a sigh as the doors close and I lean back against the wall and get ready to start the work day.

Except this morning right after the doors closed and the elevator had started to move...everything went dark, except for a small little emergency light, and the elevator jumped a little.

My first thought of course was, "What the f..."

I hit the lobby button, door open and close buttons, and got nothin. I hit the little alarm bell button, and it buzzed...but didn't do much else. I hit the little phone button, you know, the one you use for emergencies...and nothing. (Um...)

That small, dim light was the only thing that worked. (Laurie Cataldo)

So...luckily I had my phone on me and get service in the elevator! First, I texted Lou to let him know I was stuck in the elevator, so that he could cover for me on-air until I got up there...then I wound up just calling him to have him let my various bosses know I was trapped.

The troops came out to check and see what they could do. I (naturally) updated Twitter and Facebook...texted Duzzy about the situation...then played a round of Trivia Crack. Ho hum, ho hum.

Thankfully, I don't really get claustrophobic, but I did get slightly concerned when I heard them say if there was a car accident nearby that knocked out the power, it could be all day before it came back on. Come on, I have work to do!

There was some talk that I might be rescued by sexy firemen...and then suddenly the lights came on! (Figures.)

It took a minute or so before the elevator's power came back online, but then I was able to open the door and walk out to a round of applause.

I was probably only in there for 20-25 minutes...no biggie, but thank God for cell phones, huh?

My shining moment of tasting freedom (and fresh oxygen) was videotaped for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Friday, indeed!