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Do YOU Know About The Tom River Hidden History Trail ? It is a really cool way to see some of Toms River's "hidden" historical sites. It's perfect for those who love history and Ocean County. Toms River  is full of great historical sites and now they are part of the project called "The Hidden History Trail".


Shawn Michaels


The Hidden History Trail is brought to residents by the Downtown Toms River Business Improvement District. In addition....Downtown Toms River received funding this year from a grant administered by the Ocean County Cultural & Heritage Commission from funds granted by the New Jersey Historical Commission, a division of the Department of State.

This is a really cool way to be interactive and learn about the history of Toms River. When you go on their website they walk you through how to download the site and then take part in the "Hidden History Trail". I have lived here for quite some time, but I did not know about a lot of this Toms River history and it's great for young and old alike to learn more about the county seat here in Ocean County.

Start your journey at 600 Main Street and follow the instructions and begin your trip through Toms River History. There are about 14 locations on the Hidden History Trail.

Want to thank Dana Lancellotti from Ocean County Tourism  for sharing this with me and other members of our staff.

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