Of course every mom is different, but what if you've assumed all these years that you know what your mom wants?

I grew up hearing my mother rave about her favorite tv show "I Love Lucy". She'd watch it every day and would just crack up laughing. So I came across a collection of I Love Lucy tribute plates and proceeded to get her one for every holiday until the wall in our kitchen was filled. Of course she'd thank me profusely each and every time she opened the gift of yet another plate....but was she secretly rolling her eyes and trying to find a nice way to tell me to STOP?!!!!! Probably.

Now that I am a mom, my kids could give me the most ridiculous gift I could ever 'not' want, yet I would be THRILLED just because they thought to do something nice for me...especially if it's anything they made themselves.

But if you'd rather not ask mom what she likes, here are some hints from the latest survey about what mom likes and doesn't like:

75% of moms say they would prefer a handmade card or note over a store-bought one.

8 out of 10 moms say they would prefer to sleep late rather than have an early surprise breakfast from the kids.

One third of moms say they would secretly wish for the day to themselves to shop or go to for a spa day.

52% say they'd enjoy an hour to themselves for a massage or mani/pedi.

And here are some of the responses to the question "What's the worst gift you ever received for Mother's Day?":

A celebration...that mom is left to clean up

A text message

Anything to do with losing weight

Anything to do with household chores

Last-minute, store-bought flowers

And the abosulte worst? Receiving nothing at all.

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