I remember my Grandparents bringing their car to the inspection station on Route 166 in Toms River. I think that back several decades it may have been the only inspection station in the area, Manahawkin didn’t have center….but I could be wrong about that. Do you remember going to the old motor vehicle inspection in Toms River on Route 166?

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If I have the right timeline, I believe the MVC center on Route 70 in Lakewood replaced Toms River because the center couldn’t handle the growing population. Just too much for the single lane inspection station station on Route 166.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

My question for this article, besides do you remember going to the Toms River location, is what could be done with that property now? I tried doing some digging but didn’t find a lot about the old Toms River inspection station. From what I did read, possibly circa 1999 is when the county began work to switch from Rt 166 in Toms River to Rt 70 In Lakewood.

I was recently driving by this location and wondered to myself who owns the old MVC site and what could possibly be done with the property. What is something this side of town of town needs? You have the big Shop Rite Shopping Center right next to it so there is a bit of everything in that area. The location is narrow but deep, would a fast restaurant drive through work there? Too much traffic for a drive-in? What about a a drive-thru Starbucks at that location?

What Would YOU put in place of the old inspection station on Rt 166 in Toms River? We are leaving it up to YOU to recommend something, so post your thoughts below 👇🏻 Maybe your answer will be add “nothing” it’s already to tight and busy there and that’s fine and a totally acceptable answer also :)


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