When I was growing up in Staten Island there was nothing better than my Mom and Dad saying we were heading down the shore. There was no better feeling than hopping out of the car with pail and shovel, and of course in Mom's beach bag there was always a peanut butter and jelly sandwich waiting for me.

We'd pick a spot on the beach, then lay out the blanket, towels and chairs. Of course, I had to run to edge of the waves to see how cold the water was. Once we settled in, we'd head into the water to cool off and ride some waves and some back to the blanket to lay in the sun. That is usually when someone decided to feed a seagull and the peace and quiet was shattered. But who cared, we were at the shore! 

 I remember thinking to myself as a kid, "This is the life..I'm gonna leave here someday." And now I do. How cool is that? All these years later, not alot has changed. Families are still packing the car and heading to the Jersey shore. Kids are still playing with their pails and shovels. And somebody is always trying to feed the seagulls.  

With Memorial Day Weekend  just days away, I hope that Summer 2012 brings you and your family the great memories it has always brought me and mine!

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