Hurricane Sandy has affected all of us here at the Jersey Shore. It has devastated the place we love and has changed the Jersey Shore forever.

Just one drive through any of our shore towns will bring a tear to your eyes. It's the towns you love, the buildings you visited, the beaches you played on. It was the restaurant you went to with your parents, or the rides you took your kids on. The Jersey Shore is a living, breathing photo album of our lives, and now some of the backdrops for those mental photos are simply gone. 

The Jersey Shore will rebuild. Will it ever be the same? Of course not. But it is up to us to make this place as special to other generations as it has been to us. And it is up to us to breathe life into the stories we tell of the old Jersey Shore as we watch a new generation fall in love with the new Jersey Shore, and take comfort in the fact that we helped build the backdrop to the photo album of their lives.

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