A few days ago, I asked if anyone knew anything about this empty plot of and that was recently sold right in Lavallette.

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But we don't always know what is happening until plans are already in motion.

No solid information has come in just yet but there is an update: construction has begun.

As a reminder, let's take a look at the empty lot of land in its original state:

Anyone Know What Is Planned For This Empty Plot Of Land In Lavallette?


This land does have locals buzzing. Here's why:

This area was once used to store boats, jet ski and hitches which was genius because no upkeep was required.

But what will replace it?

A new house? A new business? A gas station? A Wawa. These are all plausible answers.

Construction has officially begun and based on what I saw, it may help figure out what is planned for this area of land.

Keep scrolling...you will see one large square and then two smaller squares marked. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Maybe you can tell me:

UPDATE: Construction Has Started On Empty Land In Lavallette; What Is Being Built?

Any ideas?

If you have any information, email me at Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com. Thank you in advance!

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