Ahhh....don't you love the Summer ti- *AACHHHOOOO!*

Oh bless me! Sorry....seasonal allergies acting up AGAIN. Pollen hates me. It's fine.

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And I am not sure if you know this but just like you and I can suffer (or in some cases, feel like we want to die) from allergies, our pets can as well!

If you aren't aware of the signs to look for, it can be easy to miss. And at times, the symptoms can be mistakenly attributed to something else.

So as we scroll together, we are going to take a look at some of the most common symptoms dogs and cats - because for the most part, they react to seasonal allergens the same - suffer from when they are battling seasonal allergies.

Not only that, but we are also going to show you some simple ways to try and relieve your pets symptoms.

Now let me make this clear: I AM NOT A VET.

I am just a woman who is obsessed with my dog. I thought, "If I would want to know this, I am sure other pet owners would too!"

But --  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE -- do not make any major changes to your pet's routine until you talk to your veterinarian.

These are general rules that may not necessarily be applicable to your individual pet because they may have a different set of symptoms, allergies and who knows what else.

So...without further ado....

Here are some of the most common symptoms your dog or cat may have if they suffer from seasonal allergies....*ACHOO!*

Here's The Signs Your Dog Or Cat Is Experiencing Seasonal Allergies & How To Treat Them

We all have them. But what are the signs for our pets?

If I am missing ANY symptoms or helpful ways to treat seasonal allergies for dogs or cats, email me so I can add it to the list: Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com.

You can also take a look at AnimalHumaneSociety.org who dives into this topic with a bit more detail if you still have questions.

And now that the "adult part" of being a pet owner is over, go give your fur baby an extra treat!

And maybe you want to take your pet out for a well-deserved meal after they are brave at the doctor? Here are the perfect places:

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