Another awesome sign of rebuilding in Sea Bright as one of the owners of the popular (and Sandy-destroyed) Donovan's Reef, says it should be partially reopened by July 1st!

donovans reef tiki bar
The Donovan's Reef Tiki Bar, pre-Sandy. (Donovan's Reef Facebook page)

Chris Bowler told News12 that the temporary outdoor Tiki bar should be ready to go just in time for 4th of July weekend.

The bar was initially expected to reopen last summer, but those plans fell through.

The restaurant portion of Donovan's remains damaged by the storm, but construction work on that area is expected to begin in September.

The plans for the new bar show a two-floor facility with a full kitchen. Plans also include elevating the structure to protect it against future storms.

Donovan's is a hugely popular spot, especially for those in the Bayshore area, and it's so awesome to finally have it coming back!

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