Do YOU have EZ-PASS? I do and I think it's good especially for those of us who travel the Parkway, Turnpike, and/or Expressway. It saves you from having all that loose change in the car and keeps you in the express lanes and out of the toll booths.

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EZ-PASS is also convenient when traveling to neighboring states. Saves time when heading into New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, etc. Now with that said I don't wanna see my EZ-PASS account dwindling quicker than ever, with another toll increase on the way.


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I understand the need for revenue to come in to pay for highways, but seems like the tolls are outpacing the current financial scene in New Jersey? In other words...enough for a while.

According to an NJ.COM was a little over a year ago that we saw an increase at the toll booths and according to this article, we could be getting another toll increase on New Years Day!

On average I spend $1.90 a day on the Garden State Parkway, five days a week. So on average, I spend $475.00 a year in tolls, so with a 3% increase, I'll owe an additional $15.00 a year.  Now when you look at it like that, doesn't seem so bad...but are YOU willing to give an additional 3%???? I think we all know the answer to this one or do we?

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