Now I know the difference...and so does my hair!

Before heading out west to Vegas I was warned that the temperatures in August would hover around 110 degrees and that I would be miserable walking around in that kind of weather.

But boy were those people wrong!  When I got off the plane I immediately felt that it was hot. 109 degrees, to be exact. I got to my hotel and immediately showered and washed my hair to get the plane yuck off of me.

My first shock was how EASY it was to blow dry my hair STRAIGHT. In NJ on a hot, humid day, despite my air conditioning blasting, I have to FIGHT with my hair. Then I go outside or to the beach and it's all frizzes immediately (except when I get a smoothing treatment...which is a Godsend!)

But in Vegas, I blew out my hair, then spent an entire day walking 10  miles in that 109-degree heat and...THERE WAS NOT ONE FRIZZY HAIR ON MY HEAD AND MY HAIR STAYED PERFECTLY STRAIGHT!!!

Not only that, but in NJ on a humid day (aka...all summer) I am always drenched in sweat. Not so in Nevada. Not one bead of sweat trickled down my back despite the long walks. In fact, the dry breeze was fabulous!

I got really lucky and arrived back in NJ on Saturday, when we were experiencing a rare day of low humidity and cooler temps....but now that I know the humidity is on its way back for week's end....I want to throw  a temper tantrum and hop right back on a plane to the desert!

For those of you who have told me that it is too hot out west to function, or that heat is heat and that dry heat is just as hot as humid heat, let me tell you: I'd take that weather ANY DAY OF THE YEAR over our Jersey Shore humidity!!!

P.S. For more on that fabulous, all-natural smoothing treatment I mentioned above, CLICK HERE!!!


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