I love this more natural alternative to the old straightening treatments (I'm not a big fan of the treatments that contain formaldehyde (!) that you have to leave in your hair for days.)

This Cezanne treatment is done in one sitting. And you can see the difference in these photos between my disgusting springtime frizzy hair (welcome back, humidity...!) to how smooth and straight the treatment made it...and then how it can still be curled for a wavy/beachy look...yet it's still smooth minus the frizz!

Smooth and curled for a wavy, beach look. Photo from Styling Co. in Belmar

I am a huge fan of this treatment and now it is part of my springtime routine (pedicures, smoothing treatment, highlights, etc.) every year so that I can laugh at the Jersey Shore humidity instead of crying from it! My hair feels soooooooo silky now!

Huge thanks to Lea, Carla, and Mattea (and ALL of the other amazing stylists at Styling Co in Belmar!) for the smoothing treatment and highlights. May you save many a girl from the disaster that humidity causes to our hair.

(Thank you to Carla Chan who did an amazing job on my smoothing treatment!)

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