Between the morning fog and mist at some of our live shows at the boardwalks and the humidity of a hot day at the Jersey Shore, my hair was a frizzy monster. And then I got this new treatment!

From listening to me complain about my hair on the morning show for weeks now, you KNOW I have reached my limit to the frizz bomb that was my hair. I dread the start of warm weather, because the humidity is enough to destroy my hair.

BUT hair actually looks smooth, on days that it would otherwise leave it completely frizzy and feel like HAY! And it looks shiny and healthy and stays straight OR still holds a wave or curl should I want one.

Have you heard of the Cezanne hair smoothing treatment? There are several smoothing treatments out there, but this one is really safe in comparison to the chemicals used in some.

I am continually shocked and happy at how well it worked!!!!! I even had to put my hair up in a ponytail on that hot weekend day at the Belmar Seafood Festival when I was dripping sweat...and when I took it out? NO DENT in my hair like I usually have!!!

AND...miracle of miracles...I can even blow dry my own hair and it is EASY instead of me fighting with my blow dryer, several products, and a straightening iron!

I'm sure you can get this done at several places, but I want to thank my girls at Styling Company on Main Street in Belmar: Design Stylist and Owner Lea, Daneza, Jen, Kristina, Rachel, Chelsea, Lauren, Ariana, Amy, Baby and all of the other great people there. Lea turned me into a blonde on a dare during our morning show, Daneza did the smoothing treatment and makes me feel beautiful for all of the radio events I host, AND each and every stylist there has worked their magic on me...whether they are doing my hair or makeup! Love you, girls!!!

Have you had a smoothing treatment done? If so, how did you like it? It has changed a lot since the days you had to leave it in for four days and not even put a barrette in it for fear of denting it!

And P.S. Lea Deloy has gone out of her way to help our community and has raised thousands of dollars for several charities, including ALS and the Monmouth County SPCA. Stay tuned for their next pet adoption day!

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