Egg Harbor Township Police Department has lost one of their own. A K9 officer named Neiko.

The Belgian Shepherd, on duty with the EHT police force since 2014, has passed away at the age of 11, the department announced on Facebook.

While many look at K9's as simply companions of the officers they ride with, they serve and protect just the same. So, when one passes away, it brings along a profound feeling of loss for the law enforcement community.

Egg Harbor Township Police Department/Facebook; Canva
Egg Harbor Township Police Department/Facebook; Canva

Neiko, a gifted but absolutely BEAUTIFUL dog, reportedly had many skills, including criminal apprehension and narcotics detection, but he was also interacted with the public during special engagements.

Ironically, Neiko's human partner was EHT Officer Sheppard, who our thoughts go out to at this sad time.

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Thank you, Neiko, for spending your time on earth helping to make our community a better place. You can go over the Rainbow Bridge now.

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