As I continue to thank some of the people that have made an impact on my family's life along with so many other people in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, I want to say thank you to Dr. Alan Stern, who you may recognize from our morning show.

Dr. Alan G.Stern, DDS, 804 West Park Ave., Ocean, came on our morning show probably over ten years ago to advertise teeth-whitening services....and that became the start of a long-time friendship and having him on our morning show too many times to mention.

You might recognize him for the hilarious poems he writes every year for both my birthday and Lou's.

Aside from his loyal friendship, Alan is an amazing dentist and has helped so many people with MORE than just the health of their teeth. He has actually helped save lives, improve the overall health of many patients, and has helped numerous people sleep better by treating their sleep apnea.

Alan has also donated to numerous charities, and has done so very much for the community, including donating many mouth guards to kids in sports.

He has fixed both the teeth and the self-image of several people I know with his cosmetic dentistry, and his work is beautiful.

And Alan (not once but twice) treated my son after traumatic injuries to his teeth, when both mom and son were a wreck. To know Alan is to trust Alan.

Dr. Stern has a way of putting people at ease, making friends, and telling the funniest jokes. You will really feel like you are at home in his office, especially with his wonderful wife Fran as the office manager. Fran is one of the most wonderful women I have ever met.

Thank you both for the role models that you are in our area. You are very much appreciated and I am grateful to know you.


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