As I continue showing my gratitude to some of those who have served my family and so many of our listeners, today I am thankful for Dr. Leroy Taylor in Matawan.

Dr. Leroy Taylor III, DDS, has not only helped me tremendously with the health of my mouth, but he has such a way about him that he has earned the trust of my son, who has had to deal with challenges with his gums (related to wearing braces.)

The first time I met Dr. Taylor, I felt instantly comfortable and I knew I could trust him. Just his voice alone is so soothing and you just know once you talk to him that you will walk out of his office better than when you walked in.

But it's not just Dr. Taylor that will put you at ease and take great care of you. It's his entire staff, including Anna, Camille, and the woman that will make you want to come back every week whether or not you have an appointment: Maureen "Moe" Keane, the office manager, who will feel like a best friend five minutes after you meet her.

I am so grateful not only for the great people in this office and the quality of service, but for Dr. Taylor helping not only me, but my son. To have that kind of trust with a Periodontist is priceless. By the way, he also does amazing implants!

Click on his name above for the links to see the website and Facebook page, or call 732-583-6111 if you know someone that could use that kind of care.


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