Bon Jovi not dead

Jon Bon Jovi is not dead. In fact, the singer/songwriter is alive and well preparing for the holidays with his wife and children in Red Bank.

That fact didn't stop an internet hoax from running wild on Tuesday as rumors of the local rocker's untimely demise spread across websites and through social media like wildfire.

The rumor originated on a blog called "Daily News Blog International." The false report was taken for fact by many members of the public who perpetuated the website's ruse by sharing the story.

Not long after the rumor reached critical mass, Bon Jovi confirmed that he was alive on his Facebook page, posting a picture of himself holding a sign that read "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey."

The general public has an alarming tendency to believe almost anything it is told on the internet and that naivety helped to spread a lie that had thousands of Bon Jovi fans "Livin' on a Prayer." Here are a few examples of how people reacted to the initial death report and the later revelation that it was a hoax on

  • Cheryl here's pointed critique of media coverage of the incident is funny for two reasons. First, Bon Jovi isn't actually dead. Second, the story was EVERYWHERE on Tuesday and is still a top headline.

  • Jenny knows that Bon Jovi is alive. She also knows that she doesn't like his music. Status updated!

  • Jose must not be from New Jersey. If he was, he'd know that John Francis Bongiovi, better known as "Jon Bon Jovi" or simply "Bon Jovi" is also the singer of the band named "Bon Jovi." I guess it is a little confusing.

  • Jason has oddly specific details for a story that ended up being untrue. He must be a fake EMT.

  • I couldn't have said it better myself, Mohd. Seriously.

  • Jon took the opportunity to share a commentary on Bon Jovi's home state of New Jersey. Not cool, man. Not cool.

  • The world loves a good pun and Cristy here knows that as well as anyone.

  • Jason likes him some Jovi. Darn straight, buddy. So do we!