I've been here at The Point for about two weeks now and in that time Lou has been trying to introduce me to the audience at the Jersey Shore. I'm a born and raised Jersey Girl so chances are I've stood behind you on line to get an ice cream at Jersey Freeze or soaked in the sun at the same beach you did but we just did not know each other yet. Lou thinks that the best way to get to know anyone is to talk to their kids so he went right for the low hanging fruit, my 10 year old daughter Fia. If you missed it on the show, you can hear her chatting it up with Mr. Lou right here:

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Since that went so well, my "shy" girl asked if she could get more air time. In fact, she wanted to come on the air with her new buddy Mr. Lou anytime he wanted her to but she did not miss the chance to ask for a small fee to do it. Apparently, Lou feels she needs representation and I sense that this is going to cost me. If you missed that moment, here you go:

This really is the most unique job on the planet. It's like we're on a reality TV show except it is for five hours a day and five days a week. You'll see over our time together that there is nothing I won't tell you guys. I hope you'll trust me with your stories too. I want my family to become your family so we can all laugh together every morning. Thanks for the opportunity Jersey Shore! It's good to be home.

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