So if you've been listening to the morning show you might of heard that there's a new voice joining Lou in the mornings...that's me! Nice to meet name is Shannon and just to give you some background, I'm a born and raised Jersey girl who is ecstatic to be back home! I have a wonderful husband named Tony and we have three awesome daughters; Brianna, Bella and Fia. If you have been listening these last few weeks you might have figured out that I'm an open book. I share it all...the good the bad and the ugly! My middle daughter, Bella had to get her wisdom teeth removed (which is never fun, unless you're the one holding the camera to catch all the crazy talk post-surgery) so as usual, we filmed and we are ready to over-share.

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Of course I've seen the wisdom teeth videos on Ellen and laughed my head off but I always wondered if it was totally real or not. After we had Bella's experience, I have my's TOTALLY real.

Just a disclaimer, Bella made me promise to record her post surgery so she could see herself later. We were both able to have a good laugh later.  Bella "left her tongue at the oral surgeon's office" and was begging us to go back and get it. She could not get used to "her tongue being separated from her face". My favorite part is the look she gives us at the end. She was in loopyville for over an hour after we got her home but I'm happy to say that she had a full recovery!

Do you have a wisdom tooth video? If you do I would LOVE to see it! Email it to me at and maybe we'll play it on the ALL NEW Jersey Shore Morning Show with Lou and me!  Bella your a good sport Boo! I love you!
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