Cooking experts are giving us great tips for cooking at home for long stretches. There has never been a time this is more handy.

The folks at Eat This, Not That have compiled some suggestions from cooking experts all over the country. Here are just a few of them that may help you out.

FIFO. It's a simple tip, and probably one you're already practicing, but it stands for first in, first out. I your refrigerator, make sure that you are using the oldest perishables first, to make sure you don't waste the perishables you have. Experts say to do this with meats in the freezer as well.

Cook once, eat twice. Make more food than you need for the upcoming meal and use it for multiple meals.

Carry-over proteins. If you've made a large amount of pork for example, the leftovers can be used for pulled pork sandwiches, tacos and even hash and eggs for a great breakfast.

Think out of the pasta box. Experts say olives, peas, carrots, beets, and corn all have essential vitamins and go great with pasta. And try tuna, chicken, and legumes with pasta for some protein.

Aquafaba instead of eggs. If you're out of eggs or want the eggs you have to last longer, you can use aquafaba to bind your ingredients. Aquafaba is  the liquid you find in the legume cans. One expert says the liquid in chickpea cans works best.

There are plenty of other suggestions, so check out the full article at Eat This, Not That. One thing about all this is the creative cook in all of us is making it's way to the surface, whether we want it to or we have no choice.

We hope these tips help. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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