Here is important advice that might just save your life. And a short video you gotta see.

This advice comes from an expert in the field, who happens to be the husband of our morning show traffic girl Nancy Reamy.

Chris says that several years ago he worked on a project in California where they get ridiculous fog in the winter. They call it 'Tule Fog' and after an accident that involved over a hundred vehicles (!!!) they built a fog detection and warning system to try and prevent another major pileup.

Part of that program involved informing the public with these tips on how to stay safer if you find yourself driving in fog:

-- Slow down!

-- Lower your windows a bit and listen closely. You may HEAR vehicles before you SEE them.

-- No hi beam lights; this creates a white-out effect.

-- Keep your parking lights on even when it starts getting light out. A vehicle's tail lights should be illuminated.

-- Leave a little extra space between your car and the vehicle in front of you; close enough to see them but far enough to have a reaction time if they stop short.

This is the scary video they produced. It's short, but really drives the point home.


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