Grab your teen musicians and come to a free jazz concert this Monday, Nov. 20th, at 7 pm, in Asbury Park!

The Jazz Arts Project is putting on a free show, and, thanks to Tim McLoone, it will be held in that gorgeous supper club atop Robinson's Ale House right next to Convention Hall.

(Photo by Oksana Sorochan)
(Photo by Oksana Sorochan)

If you've never been up there, here's your chance to see Tim McLoone's Supper Club. And you don't need to spend a penny! If, however, you want to make a night out of it, you can have dinner at a table (book one now) and drinks from the bar. (This is not the kind of event where there is a 2-drink minimum. You can sit and watch the band without any obligation (although applause is always welcomed!

This amazing show will inspire your musician child to see what they can achieve if they play an instrument and enjoy being in school band. They will see how teens have come together to supplement what they learn from school band with this regional jazz academy, held in Red Bank, and affiliated with the Count Basie Theatre Performing Arts program.

You will be amazed at the talent of Brandon McCune, an accomplished musician who has been working with these teens since September. (He will even treat you to some of his stupendous piano playing!)

If your teen would like to become involved in performing with this non-profit organization called the Jazz Arts Project, run by world-renowned conductor Joe Muccioli, CLICK HERE and HERE!

PS...In case you didn't hear about it on our morning show, my son Ben will be on stage that night playing drums! So come say hi if you come...because I will be there : )


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