This is the time of year when everything is part of the holiday crunch. It's also the time of year where some things happen that you just can't make up.

Here's the story. It was around 9:00am and I was still in the studio doing the last hour of the show, and I thought I should take a quick bathroom break, but we got a few calls and a couple of people stopped in so I couldn't get out of the studio.

No big deal, I'd just go right after the show. Then ten minutes before the show ended, I got a call about a hard to find item for a Christmas gift that just came in, but I needed to hurry because store policy said they couldn't hold it for me.

So, no with no time for the bathroom, I raced to the store. I got there in time to get the item, but didn't want to bring it into the store bathroom, so I decided just to pay, leave and head home.

Great plan, except there were eleven people on line in front of me. After what seemed like an hour later, I paid and left the store. I shuffled to the car knowing I needed to get home quick. I shouldn't have had that second bottle of water.

I hit the road, and of course I hit construction almost immediately, and as I was waiting at a light, I saw a slow moving truck approaching to turn in front of me. I wanted the light to change because I didn't want to get stuck behind him.

Of course he wound up right in front of me and you'll never guess what he had on the back of the truck. Yep, four porta-potties. And yes I did think about jumping out of my car at the next light to use one. I didn't and I made it home...barely.

You just can't make it up.

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