It's a yearly tradition that my boys, their closest friends, and the moms of those boys (who are MY friends) celebrate the end of the school year with a full day in Seaside Heights.

My friends would agree with me that we look forward to this one very special day every year. It's a day of creating memories for our children. It's a day where we can capture in pictures the amount of overflowing happiness on their faces. It's about the company even more than the activities...but combined, it makes for an amazing day and night.

This year there were 8 boys and four girls (and their moms), with me. We got to Seaside just in time for Casino Pier to open and the kids took off for their favorite rides, mixing and matching pairs for rides on the coasters, scramblers, fun houses and bumper cars.

From there we stroll the length of the boardwalk and stop for lunch (Maruca's Pizza this year...yum!) and Italian ices at Rita's.

Then some of the kids try their luck at games, prizes, and the arcades while others head back to the rides to use up what's left of the tickets.

It's so much fun to watch a gaggle of  elementary school kids strutting down the boardwalk like they own the place. But they demonstrate the kind of friendships that you wish everyone had.

Meanwhile the moms walk together, talk together, take pictures, and occasionally stop to apply sunscreen or hand someone ride tickets.

Later in the afternoon we head to the Go Carts and the kids race around the track as if they've been driving their whole lives. This is total freedom for my boys...who dream of the day they get to drive their own cars. What a great little racetrack!

The day culminates with a trip to Breakwater Beach for our annual Point private listener party where I don't see my kids except as they wiz by on their way to a water slide, or float by on a tube in the lazy river. Toward the end of the night I can usually count on seeing them in one of the hot tubs.

I wish for you, your girlfriends, and your children the kind of picture-perfect, great day that we had yesterday. Cherished memories.