Dressing dogs in costumes on Halloween has become increasingly more popular over recent years. In fact, popular Halloween stores have now dedicated entire sections of their stores just for pet costumes. Besides offering the typical ghosts, witches and pumpkins, designers have become much more creative when it comes to Halloween Costumes for dogs. Based on some of the greatest TV and movie characters, pop stars, animals and more, dog costumes are more unique and humorous than ever! Thanks to our friends at the Canine Fence Company, check out the list we've created of the top 10 most outrageous and funny Halloween costumes for dogs!

Bacon Dog Costume

Honoring a favorite treat among both humans and canines, this meaty costume is sure to turn heads on Halloween. Just keep your pup close...or she might get eaten!


Tortoise Dog Costume

It's always great to see dogs dressed up as other animals and there's something about this full-length tortoise suit that just makes us smile!


Rock and Roll King Dog Costume

Taking the hit, "Hound Dog" a little overboard, this Rock and Roll King costume won't bring Elvis Presely back, but it will surely remind you of the King - hanging curl and all!


Strip n’ dog Costume

For the risqué canines, this subtle costume will certainly get a lot of laughs. We love the shirt cuffs!


Pup-a-razzi Pop Queen Dog Costume

Mirrored after the (pop) queen of costumes, Lady Gaga, this one is fully equipped with a wig, microphone and those infamous Madonna-esque metallic cones!


Raptor Dog Costume

Poor dogs - the humiliating factor of this raptor (nearly eating dog's head) costume is pretty high. Although incredibly cute, we can't imagine a single dog who would be comfortable in this getup complete with a pointy tail.


Bride Dog Costume

This photo says it all! If your dog loves attention and doesn't mind the full coverage, look no further than this hilarious Halloween Bride costume!


Groovy Dog Costume

We're digging this far out, funky costume for dogs with a psychedelic shirt, a wig and peace sign gesture, are you?


Star Wars Yoda Dog Costume

Star Wars fans - turn your dog into a little Jedi Master with this standing Yoda costume. We just hope dogs can hear with those huge green ears on!


Dora the Explorer Dog Costume

Besides the fact that the poor Beagle in this photo looks completely uncomfortable, choosing a Dora dog costume is probably often the result of someone with kids. Dora the Explorer is a popular part of nearly every household with children, and this head-to-toe costume portrays every Dora detail from backpack and bracelet to Dora's famed hairdo!


Would you dress your dog in a costume for Halloween? What is the best dog costume that you've seen? Tell us in the comments! Also, make sure to visit Canine Company.com for all your dog training and safety needs!