Flowers were pulled out of the dirt, some of them turned on their side. Dirt was scattered and holes were dug. We had a garden bandit. I would replant, reorganize,and clean up. And then sometime in the dark of the night, the garden bandit would return to unplant, disorganize and mess it all up again. Now it was getting personal.

My top suspect was a friendly little squirrel who is always around the yard. I've seen him burying nuts around the flowers and lawn. I figured we'd just have to co-exist. Then a friend told me that it sounded more like a rabbit. I'd also seen plenty of rabbits around, and there was one in particular that always looked at me like he had something to hide. Like he was up to something.

I had no physical evidence on him, so for now I'll have to call him a "bunny of interest". He always seems to be around, keeping a distance when he sees us. And he always has this "wasn't me " look on his face. Circumstancial evidence at best, but I thought it was enough to bring him in for questioning.

Then Diane and I saw him in the yard yesterday. I was ready to go have a little chat with him. Time to lay my cards on the table. But then he did something adorable. He hopped right over to us and we got an up close look at him. Bad news for the garden...he's really cute!  

A twitch of his nose and a wiggle of his ear, soon gave me to know I had nothing to fear...hey wait..wrong time of year for that.

Anyway, he was so cute I immediately dropped all charges. Now when my wife aske me what I'm doing in the yard, I'll tell her I'm watering the rabbit food.