My latest "Lou's Toughest Jobs" chapter took me onto the high seas to show you how Jack Baker's Wharfside Restaurant and Jack Baker's Lobster Shanty in Point Pleasant Beach has the freshest lobster around.

My journey took me to edge of the Point Pleasant inlet where I was to board a fishing vessel with Captain Rich and Livingston. Their job, to catch gorgeous fresh lobster from our local waters and get them directly to the Wharfside and the Lobster Shanty, ensuring  the freshest lobster you'll find anywhere.

Putting pros like these guys with a rookie like me on the open seas is bound to create some entertaining moments to say the least. You can see the adventure in the video below.

And when you're looking for an amazing meal with the freshest ingredients, including  absolutely amazing, fresh lobster (maybe even one that I caught myself) get to Jack Baker's Wharfside Restaurant or the Lobster Shanty. Take it from me. You won't find fresher lobster anywhere!

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