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I was put to work at Anchor Tavern in Belmar for our latest in the "Lou's Toughest Jobs" series.

We started the the series because someone questioned what might happen if I ever really had to work at a tough job for a living, and I decided to find out. For the most recent edition, Anchor Tavern in Belmar asked me to work for them, and I quickly accepted.

I was so happy to hear I was working at Anchor Tavern. It's an awesome place to eat, catch a game, enjoy happy hour and hang out with friends. The people at Anchor are also very brave, since they wanted me to be their happy hour bartender.

Check out the video to see what happened when I got behind the bar a few days ago at Anchor Tavern at 713 Main St. in Belmar and go check this place out!

This post is sponsored by Chef's International, Inc.  From waterside dining to a riverfront wedding, enjoying live local music at a shore bar or enjoying mexican food with a margarita, to following your favorite team at a shore sports bar, Chefs International makes eating, drinking and celebrations more fun!


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