I have hit the road once again to embark on the latest Lou's Toughest Job. This time I visited Baker's Water Street Bar & Grille in Toms River.

I wasn't sure what the task would be until I arrived. When I got there the verdict was in. I was going to be a server, and as you can imagine, they had never seen wait service the way I provided it, and they probably never want to see it again.

Baker's Water Street Bar & Grille in Toms River is a beautiful place with a great view and it's an amazing place to catch a football game, with Happy Hour and Game day specials and 21 HDTV's plus an incredible $5 menu with all your favorite food for the game.

So check out the video and make sure you head to Baker's Water Street Bar & Grille soon. The service is amazing by the way, especially since I don't work there anymore!

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