It was time for another Lou's Toughest Job, and I was ready to help out the great people at CMC Food, and it's pretty evident now that they didn't need help from me.

CMC Food is a specialty facility  that does cage free/organic eggs and have their own brand of eggs called The Farmers Hen. They regularly donate to local food banks as well as Grateful Bites, and part of the proceeds from Farmers Hen egg sales go to The Family Reach.

It really was amazing to see their state of the art egg processing machines and their terrific staff working together to get the job done. They were doing just fine until I arrived. You can check out just how tough my latest Toughest Job was in the video below.

It's unbelievable to see all the work and care that goes into getting you that carton of Farmers Hen eggs! Thanks to the great people at CMC Food for letting me visit...and my apologies for anything I may have broken while I was there.

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