A company called Terracycle has just helped major companies such as Haagen Dazs, Procter, and Gamble to make a major move towards the 'Go Green' initiative in New Jersey.

Think about the amount of material that is wasted from all of the cartons and bottles that are thrown away once the product is completely used?

Well now there is a solution and we are not exactly talking about grinding up and reusing the thrown away materials because as TerraCycle founder Tom Szaky said, “Recycling and making things from recycled material, while critically important, is not going to solve the problem of waste.”

Well here is an even better resolution  -- packaging these products in reusable containers that you can bring back to the store.

Shoppers would sing up online through the platform called Loop and then go to grocery stores to purchase products such as ice cream, shampoo, or laundry detergent that are going to be in reusable containers.

Once you are done, you bring back the containers --and you don't even have to clean them before returning.

There is a possibility that the prices of these products will see a tiny increase because companies do pay a fee to be involved in this program but it is so worth it for the greater good.

We do have a few months until the official debut of this program but click HERE for the full story and all of the details so you can be ready to purchase those reusable containers when the time comes.

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