In November I moved to my condo in Belmar. It has been a fantastic six months living off of Main St. The location, the businesses, the beach, you can't beat the Belmar lifestyle, it's the best.

I am from Wall Township, so I have been hanging out in Belmar my entire life, but now that I am settled in my new place, I am totally buying into being a Belmartian. Everything from grabbing a thin crust Federici's on 10th pizza pie to surfing in front of the Eastern Lines Surf Shop, I have everything I want and need in Belmar. The summer is coming, and I seriously can't wait...

Jimmy G
Jimmy G - Belmar Beach
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The other night I was having a blast at the newly renovated Belmar arcade. It's called Go Play Arcade and it's located at 1102 Main St. This arcade has a ton of games and prizes, it's simply a perfect spot for all locals to simply have fun. It's awesome for all ages and any type of occasions.

Go Play Arcade: 

We are the #1 spot for fun and prizes in Belmar, NJ. Come win points on a game card and redeem for your favorite prizes at our redemption store. We have everything from Skeeball, Air Hockey, Star Wars, Big Bass Wheel, Bigfoot Crush and so much more! We also do private birthday parties and events

I want to brag and say that I dominated my girlfriend in air hockey. I'll give her credit, for some reason she is really good at air hockey, but the other night I had her number. It's like she couldn't even see the air hockey puck. LOL! However, she did beat me in the basketball pop-a-shot.

Anyway, stop in and have fun at Go Play Arcade. They have new games, but don't forget about the old school games in the back room. Good luck winning tickets - HAVE FUN!

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