I was craving some fudge the other night so I decided to swing by my favorite local fudge shop. This spot in Lake Como/ Belmar offers some of the best Italian ice, Bavarian pretzels, and gourmet fudge in Monmouth County. I went in with one goal in mind, and that was to devour the fudge.

You have to check out Rudy's On Main. This place is so underrated! They proudly serve their customers and the owners, Geneen & Thomas Graziano are awesome people. It's nice knowing local business owners like the Graziano's. People like them make the area we live in a special place. My recent in-store conversation with Geneen was great and you can tell she takes a ton of pride in her business. More below!

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From Geneen & Thomas Graziano:

At Rudy's on Main, you'll come to realize that our place never leaves you, even when you leave it! We’re committed to ensuring our customers receive high-quality ices, desserts, and beverages each time they order from us. At Rudy’s on Main, we use the best ingredients and dust everything with a ton of love and a bunch of fun. It's what makes our menu the very best beach food in Belmar. Our customers continue to visit us and order from us because they know they’ll receive high-quality products and enjoy them every single time.

I love eating the peanut butter fudge from Rudy's. its incredible. If you aren't a peanut butter fan, don't worry they have a ton of options you can choose from. You just have to stop in and check it out for yourself this summer. Bring the family to Rudy's today and enjoy everything they have to offer. EAT LOCAL!

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