What's the difference between hard and soft-serve ice cream? Thanks to our friends at Praline's Ice Cream we were able to figure it out:

Soft serve ice cream has less milk fat and more air than harder ice cream. If soft serve ice cream has the right amount of air, it will have a whitish color. When air is added, the ice cream becomes fluffy and the large molecules allow it to reflect white light, which gives it a white color. This white color means the ice cream is of better quality than soft serve ice cream with less air. Hard ice cream is usually served at -12 degrees Celsius. Soft serve ice cream is served at -6 degrees Celsius. A difference of only 6 degrees makes soft serve ice cream much softer and creamier

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Let's transition only to soft-serve ice cream. NJ.com released New Jersey's 29 best soft-serve ice cream spots. I'll show you the top ten places they listed...

10. Yummy Ice Cream - Garwood

9. Maple Shade Custard Stand - Maple Shade

8. Surreal Creamery - New Brunswick

7. Cream Valley Custard - Woodstown

6. Ernie's Ice Cream Stand - Mahwah

5. Royale Crown Homemade Ice Cream & Grill - Hammonton

4. Kohr's/ Kohr Bros - Stone Harbor, Beach Haven, & Other Jersey Shore locations

3. Don & Bert's Custard Stand - Paulsboro

2. Ice Cream by Mike - Ridgewood

1. Serene Custard - Vineland

You can see the top 29, HERE!

My thoughts...great to see Kohr's getting some love! It's nice to see them representing the Jersey Shore in the top 5. Other Jersey Shore spots on the list... Rich's Original Ice Cream in Toms River was #16 and Jersey Freeze in Freehold was #18. Only 3 Monmouth & Ocean County towns were represented. BUT...

Strollos - Jimmy G Picture
Strollos - Jimmy G Picture


Even though the Strollos in Belmar is most known for their incredible Italian ice, they easily offer the best soft-serve in the state. Strollos, hands down should be in this "top 29 list". I mean, not even a mention?! They aren't even on the list that's before the list. I am shocked! The soft-serve at Strollos ONLY in Belmar, if you know you know. It's the best!

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