To all those parents who have had to continuously miss their child's practices and games....I am so sorry.

When I was younger, I was a competitive soccer player and swimmer and my dad was at every single event he could be at cheering me on.

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It is a different feeling knowing that your biggest fan is in the stands cheering you on.

Well I have news that you and your little athlete will be thrilled to hear.

Governor Phil Murphy has eased up on the restrictions when it comes to spectators being present at Highschool athletic events.

Grab your popcorn because parents are now allowed to be present for practices as well as games and competition!

There are still a few rules to keep in mind:

Events that are indoor must not have more than 35% of the room capacity at once. This is capped at 150 people.

And then this is no surprise...All spectators must abide by CDC health guidelines.

This means that you must wear face masks, social distance, sanitize like crazy and cooperate with contact tracers whether you have received the COVID-19 vaccine or not. These should not be difficult rules to follow.

Just be safe. Be smart. And we will get is already happening step by step.

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