There are many lists around this time of year, suggesting the same old list of obvious last minute gifts, but there may be some suggestions you have not thought of.

When holiday crunch time arrives (and guess what, it's here), we always scramble and grab some gift cards or something like that, but one site has a couple of suggestions that might be more meaningful.

At, their list does include gift cards and museum memberships and gift baskets, but it also includes a couple of other ideas that I think are really amazing and unique and I hope Jersey Shore residents consider them for great last minute gifts.

Here are two of the suggestions I liked the most and I think would make a great gift idea for someone you care about.

Make A many people at the Jersey Shore feel passionately about a charity. Why not help that charity with a gift donation.

Give A Favor Or Two...This is the one I LOVE! Instead of a gift card or some last minute gift, offer yourself to help somebody move, or carry some furniture, or pick somebody up or just do someone a favor. Great gift idea!

If you have any other unique gift ideas that are more creative than the typical ones we're used to hearing, please let us know in the Comment section.

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