There is one overwhelming fact I am reminded of each holiday season here at the Jersey Shore, and it's that the holiday spirit is strong here.

The holiday spirit is strong' sounds like a Star Wars line, but it's not. It really is strong here at the Jersey Shore and it lead me to want to offer an open letter to the residents of the Jersey Shore...

Dear Jersey Shore,

This time of year, you are getting pulled in a hundred different directions. You are trying to get gifts for everybody on your list, and you wind up spending a little (or a lot) more than you wanted to.

And despite that you donated to charities at the office, supermarket, the mall and the radio station, and you probably gave a little more for each of those than you thought you would.

And then, as Christmas fast approaches, you gear about local families that could use help, or you hear about an organization doing great work for those in need, and you, once again dig deep and come up with a little something for them, too.

And you do it, whether it's in your budget or not. And you do it with love and enthusiasm. And you do it in way that can only be found at the Jersey Shore. And you do it every year, all year long. and you do it from the heart.

So, it's not just the beaches and the boardwalks that make the Jersey Shore a great place to live. It's what's in the heart of each Jersey Shore resident that makes our little piece of the world a great place to be.

So, I wanted to take a minute this holiday season to say thank you to the people of the Jersey Shore for your endless generosity and for being a great example of what holiday spirit really means.


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