I stopped at a few stores yesterday to pick up a few things and I could feel the tension already beginning to build.

I wasn't my tension. I was just picking up a few things we needed for the house, but for many others, that Christmas push was beginning, or maybe even in full force. The lines were long and the bad moods were creeping in.

While I was on the same line, I heard grumblings of not enough registers being open and the cashier being too slow. And there was some complaining about items not being in stock.

I even saw someone leave a full cart of items, mostly stuff that looked like Christmas gifts, because they didn't want to wait on the line, and the line was only three or four people deep.

It felt like it was the Friday before a holiday weekend. You know that feeling. Everybody is in a rush, everybody is angry, and nobody is having fun. Can this be happening in early November?

We can't be getting the holiday pressure already. Let's all take a breath and give it a little time. Maybe we can keep the joy in it until at least December this year.

Yes, the parking lots are full, the lines are starting to get long and the clock is ticking. Yes the season is full of pressure, but if it's already getting to us, I'd hate to see what December will look like.

So maybe we should try to find that joy in it this year and not turn the holidays into a chore. Easier said than done, but it is the most wonderful time of the year. isn't it?

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