Yesterday we asked you to tell us how much Christmas shopping you got done. Now it's time to find out if you are ahead of most of your neighbors at the Jersey Shore, or a little behind them.

If you can believe this, 13% of the residents of the Jersey Shore are completely done with their holiday shopping. Yep. Completely done. These shoppers are known as the Summer Sun Shoppers.  I don't know whether to congratulate you or unfriend you.

A larger percentage (40%) fall in the category of Spot Shoppers. These are the shoppers who buy something when they see it but aren't completely focused yet.

And the top vote getter will come as a relief to most Jersey Shore shoppers. a whopping 47% of us are Tis the Season Shoppers. We're just getting started because the season is just getting started.

Thanks for the votes and happy shopping...except for the 13% of  you the rest of us are not talking to.