If there is one thing that seems to be an annual concern this time of year. it's how much to tip certain people for their services through the year.

If you aren't sure who to tip and how much to tip them, this may just be the type of information you've been looking for. It's a guide for how much to tip this holiday season, according to purewow.com.

We know you're not sure how much money to tip the babysitter, the cleaning person and the mail carrier, so we're glad to share the suggestions. Here are some of them...

The Mail Carrier...Purewow says there's a federal regulation barring mail carriers to accept cash tips, so choose a gift that shows your appreciation, and they suggest a gift worth somewhere north of $20.

The Hairdresser...always a tough one, but the suggestion is that if you tip throughout the year, an additional $25 to $50 for a holiday tip should do it. (although you may want to round up on that one, since the suggestion is a national one and a dollar in New Jersey might not be worth as much as other states).

Personal Trainer...this one's pretty simple. The suggestion is the cost of one single session.

Mani/pedi...another pretty simple one. If you are a regular customer, and tip each time you're there, you should tip the amount of the cost of an average visit.

I do think that if someone has been assisting you in some way on a regular basis throughout the year and you truly have no idea what to give for a holiday tip, find a neighbor, friend or family member who uses a similar service and ask them what they tip.

And if all else fails, ask the person directly. Let them know you want to acknowledge them but have no idea what is customary, and I'm sure they'll be honest. In my mind, that's better than not tipping them at all because you're not sure.

Happy holidays and happy tipping!

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