Hulafrog  is out with a list of some great ideas on where you can take your kids for a nice dinner out. I have taken my kids to some of them and can agree from personal experience!

Gee Gee's, Manasquan:

My boys and I practically LIVE here on warm summer evenings. We usually arrange to meet friends, and the adults hang out and chat while the kids run around the beach. The food is great, the ice cream even better, and that arcade keeps the children busy for hours. It's such a family-friendly atmosphere both indoors and out. They also host birthday parties, and in the summer there are many Thursday nights where they have a live band playing on the beach. Kid and teen heaven! (And former hangout of JACK NICHOLSON!!!)

Klein's fishmarket, Waterside Cafe, Grill Room & Sushi Bar, Belmar:

My kids and I used to ride our bikes there and then sit along the rail outside, sharing what I consider to be the best lobster in Monmouth County. You're right on the Shark River, and the boys get a kick out of watching the drawbridge go up and down while the big boats go by on one side, and the train bridge go up and down as the trains go by. And once you finish dinner there, stroll directly across the street to Strollo's for what my family considers hands-down to be the best italian ices on the Jersey Shore!

3. Circus Drive-In, Wall Township:

When the Circus opens, we know it's a sure sign that the summer season is coming. It's a landmark and great fun for the kids because of the novelty of being able to sit in the car and get your own tray of fun kid's food delivered right to you. It's also fun to be around all the families who choose to sit inside. There are hundreds of menu items to choose from with a circus there, like the Lion Tamer, the Daredevil, the Cannonball and so much more under the 'Big Top.'

Joe's Crab Shack, Eatontown:

I haven't been here yet, but it's next on my list, because I've heard they have a playground for the kids! I don't know if it's just for little kids, but any time the parents can sit back and eat while the kids play, I'm for it. And if you're interested in expanding your one's pallette, there's the Kid's Steampot, Snow Crab, and Corn on the Cob. (Might I add that in the same parking lot in Monmouth Mall is also Bobby's Burger Palace...owned by Chef Bobby Flay...that my kids and I think has the best burgers around, along with the best milkshakes!)

Hibachi...anywhere you like:

I find the value of the entertainment of a chef doing knife tricks and popping a shrimp into your pocket well worth the price of eating Hibachi Japanese. My kids always love the rice and noodles, and any good grilled steak that they've seen cooked on a giant grill right in front of them tastes even better to them.

There are more on the Hulafrog list, and if you have any favorite places that you've brought your kids, please share them below!