The distinctive color and the striking form of the beautiful Grenville Hotel & Restaurant in  Bay Head is known by just about everyone one who has ever spent time at the Jersey Shore, and what an amazing history The Grenville has.

The Price Tag. Let's start with the first and most obvious point and the fact that will probably make your jaw drop the fastest. The prime piece of real estate, just steps from the amazing Bay Head beach was purchased for a paltry $400 in 1886.

The Age. We don't like to talk about anyone's age, but in this case we think the Greville would be proud to let you know that it started operating as a hotel in 1890, making it 131 years old.

The Brielle Yacht Club Connection. The gorgeous building was built by Wycoff Applegate, the same person who built the Brielle Yacht Club.

The Georgette Hotel. The Grenville was not always it's anme. When Nellie Georgette purchased it in 1922, she appropriately named it The Georgette, which was it's name until 1945.

The Grenville? After the Grenville Corporation bought it, and a fire destroyed the nearby Grenville Arms building, the company renamed it the Grenville, a name it still proudly holds today.

Truth be told, the Grenville has a very special place in my heart, since Diane and I had our wedding there, and the place has been amazing every time we walk in. So, as things start to get a little better in our world, make sure you put the beloved Grenville on your list of local businesses you'll go out of your way to support.
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