Do you think New Jersey is among the top ten states in the nation when it comes to mortgage debt. Somehow we already know this answer.

You don't have to have any particular degree to know this one. If you have a New Jersey address that might be all you need to be qualified to answer this one, and by the way, the answer is yes.

Not only did we make the top 10 states for mortgage debt llst , but we're in it pretty deep. We rank 6th on the list, higher than any of our immediate neighbors. So, just how bad is the debt?

Well, according to 24/7 Wall St., New Jersey's average mortgage debt is $247,868. Our home ownership rate is just under 64%, which is 13th worst in the nation, and we are 12th highest for homeowners with a mortgage at 67%.

California, which ranked #1 on the mortgage debt list has an average mortgage debt of $347,652. Our neighbors in New York state ranked #8 and our friends in Pennsylvania came in at #28.

So welcome to another list we'd like to be near the bottom of, but somehow we find a way to creep toward the top. Money issues never seem to reflect well on the Garden State, but the pizza is great.

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