Penguins! Parrots! Baby Gators! All of it up close and personal right on the boardwalk.

This is an experience for your kids like no other! Bring them to Jenkinson's Boardwalk right next to the Aquarium tomorrow morning (Wed., June 21st) from 7 am - 9 am in Point Pleasant Beach. Your kids will have the opportunity to sit right next to a penguin, look into the eyes of a baby gator, have a conversation with a parrot, and experience some surprise visitors, too!

The sight of animals and sea life coming OUT of the aquarium entrance and over to the site of our live show a few feet away is fantastic, but the waddling of the penguins as they come out to see us is PRICELESS, so don't miss their appearance around 8 am.

The is a rare opportunity and I wouldn't miss it if I were you! The weather will be beautiful and we will have so much fun. Don't forget to charge your battery and clear your storage so that you have plenty of room for photos and videos on your phone!

We love Jenkinson's Aquarium and Jenkinson's Boardwalk and can't wait to meet you as we enjoy a gorgeous summer day at the beach!

To see the baby penguins, sharks (!) and some of the other sea life we met last time at Jenks, CLICK HERE!

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