It's getting to be the time of year where interest turns to all things Halloween, including real haunted houses, and rumor has it, we have our share at the Jersey Shore.

This is the first in a series focusing on some of the homes and buildings that have been rumored to be among the most haunted in our area. And you can't bring up the topic to anyone at the Shore familiar with these things without hearing 'Spy House'.

The history...The actual name of the building is the Seabrook-Wilson House, and it's located on Port Monmouth Street in Middletown. The history of the building is an amazing one, and here are some details according to the website Try To Scare Me.

Thomas Seabrook was the innkeeper of this tavern, and during the Revolutionary War would give British troops who visited enough alcohol so that they would reveal war secrets.

He would also keep an eye on all the local waterways, letting the Continental army anything he witnessed like supply ships arriving, etc. All this information would help the Continental Army win the war. Thus the "Spy House".

The hauntings...The woman in white has been reported to be frequently seen peering into windows and moving throughout the building. Her small son has been seen by guests as well.

There have also been reports of Thomas Seabrook himself revisiting the tavern he used to be the innkeeper at. There are also stories of the spirit of pirates there, including that of Henry Morgan.

There's some great info about all of this at Try To Scare Me, And if you want to visit the Spy House,  check out the Monmouth County Park System website.

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