We have been focusing on Jersey Shore ghost stories as we approach Halloween and today we travel to the Port Monmouth section of Middletown.

Have you heard of the Spy House (Seabrook-Wilson Homestead) in the Port Monmouth section of Middletown? Some have called it the "most haunted house in America" but others say historical facts don't line up with the stories, according to weirdnj.com.

Here's how part of the story goes. One time curator Gertrude Neidlinger would often incorporate ghost stories into tours she gave of the building, adding to the haunting reputation of the Spy House, but while historians said the ghost stories didn't add up factually, it didn't stop paranormal experts from checking it out.

Some of those investigations reportedly led to articles that called the Spy House the "most haunted house in America". The building was temporary closed to public tours, which only added to the ghostly rumors.

Is any of it true? I guess, like many paranormal storiesYou can do some fact checking of your own about the Spy House with this article from the Middletown Patch.




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