The Grenville Hotel is a legendary place here at the Jersey Shore. And some of those legends include stories of it being haunted. So, is it really haunted?

The Grenville is a beautiful building in the gorgeous setting of Bay Head. Diane and I had our wedding there and have stayed there many times, and to the best of my recollection, we never experienced anything paranormal while we were there.

But there are dozens of stories floating around about how it's haunted. Here are just a few examples...

According to New Jersey Haunted Houses, there are reports of "ghostly children playing in the hallways", and they also report apparitions and noise coming from empty rooms.

There are also reports at Try To Scare Me, including things moving in the dining room, broken things and  reports of voices and footsteps.

The Grenville is also one of only seven hotels listed by Haunted Rooms and in it they say there have been reports of noise of children playing in the hallways when no children are at the hotel and plenty of noises coming from empty rooms.

Of course, this elegant building is a gorgeous, big Victorian, so it does lend itself to stories like these, and we all know how many ghostly stories surround buildings just like it. if you've ever been to Cape May, you know what we mean.

If you have some stories to share about The Grenville, please let us know in the Comment section, otherwise head over to this locally legendary establishment and support local business.

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