Halloween is right around the corner so we thought we'd focus on some stories of haunted places that are, well, just around the corner.

We hear many stories of haunted places and ghosts in South Jersey, especially Cape May, but have you heard the ghost stories a little closer to home? Take the stories of the ghost at the Monmouth University Library.

Apparently there is a very punctual ghost at the Monmouth University Library, according to bestofnj.com. According to the story, the ghost, a female who appears to be wearing a white gown, takes a walk down the stairs each night at midnight.

There are also reports that you can even experience the feeling of "being watched" if you make a visit to the library in the light of day.

There are more haunted places closer to home than you may think, and we'll explore those in the upcoming days. In the meantime, keep an eye out for strange figures, and keep your ears tuned for unusual noises. It's Jersey. Hey, you never know, right?


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